Hello, we are Only in Clev. We sell custom t-shirts, bandanas, bags, greeting cards, bumper stickers and wall designs at our storefront at 15226 Madison Ave in Lakewood. At Only in Clev, we give you many choices of colors and apparel. First you choose from our wall of over 60 original designs. Then choose from our vast stock of quality apparel. Check out our short sleeves, long sleeves, sweatshirts, hoodies, light hoodies, tank tops and whatever else you want. After choosing your design and apparel, we press your design on to your t-shirt in a matter of seconds.

At Only in Clev we offer customized apparel and wall designs you won't find anywhere else. Our designers create all our products with Cleveland area themes. We not only put forward Cleveland designs but we go further than that and offer original designs for Cleveland neighborhoods and nearby suburbs. Only a Clevelander would understand our unique designs and themes. That's where we're coming from. 

After years of stagnancy, the Cleveland area has experienced a resurgence of people and businesses. Cleveland has an atmosphere of optimism and excitement. Come check out our Cleveland-themed apparel and gear!​

CLEV T SHIRTS: Get Your Cleveland On!

Only in cleveland:        Phone: 440.315.0357         Location: ​15226 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, OH, 44017

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